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Our ultimate goal is to bridge the gap between black consumers and black business owners.



Train black business owners AND their employees on the value of providing quality customer service and attention to their customers.



Provide black businesses with the necessary tools to track and analyze business activity to make better and more informed decisions.



Inspire both the black business owner and consumer with the knowledge, understanding, and desire to help revitalize the Black community.

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Deep Analytics

For Business Owners

We understand that there are a lot of buy-black initiatives in place during these critical times in our society. All those are great because they help increase community awareness by identifying black-owned businesses within our areas. One of the things that we've realized is that when incentivized, consumers are more likely to participate in any type of initiative.

Without that incentive, consumers only view it as a benefit for the business owners and sometimes those pushing the initiatives, but not for them as a consumer. Our mission is to provide a win-win-win solution for the business owner, consumer and black community through the circulation of Black Dollars within our communities.

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Group Economics

For the Consumer

It is important that we patronize our black-owned businesses by becoming intentional on how and where we spend the $1.3 trillion dollars we earn each year within the Black communities. Each of our black business owners should understand the importance of providing quality products and services for each Black Dollar that they earn. Our duty as the consumer is to provide constructive feedback on our experiences to help the business improve with each visit. This participation is vital in the redevelopment, improvement and growth of our Black communities.

A Revolutionary Exclusive Network

BDN is revolutionizing the way Blacks do business through a partnership between our network of participating business owners and smart consumers.


Provide black-owned business with deep analytics

Businesses can gain in-depth analytics on consumer traffic, demographics, and other useful information to make informed business decisions.

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MyImpact Rewards

Consumers can earn MyImpact rewards each time they patronize a business within the Black Dollar Network.

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Track MyImpact

Consumers can track the impact they're making within the black community.

Our Mission & Purpose

Our purpose is to bridge the gap between black consumers and black business owners, to incentivize group economics, to build a stronger economic power base by circulating Black Dollars, and to ultimately create healthier self-sufficient communities.

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