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Our mission is to educate, equip, and empower individuals to build stronger businesses, families, and ultimately communities.

Our Purpose

Black Dollar Network (BDN) is not just a company, we’re a case study. One designed to comprehensively trace the flow of dollars within our communities and the effects of them.



Provide access to valuable information designed to assist in the continued growth and development of Black-owned businesses.



Provide Black-owned businesses state of the art tools and resources to track and analyze their business activity in a revolutionary way.



Incentivize comprehensive and corrective economics, gather data and analytics internally to trace the flow of our dollars, and give each member in our network the ability to track their impact

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Systems & Solutions

For Business Owners

Black Dollar Network is introducing a revolutionary concept that will forever change the way business is done within the Black community!

What if there's a solution to many of challenges that businesses in our community face?

What if you had resources designed to track and analyze your business activity like never before?

What if this can be available to your business without you spending a dime until after consumers purchase your products or services?

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Comprehensive & Corrective Economics

For the Consumer

Our BDN members play an extremely vital role as consumers in this case study of how dollars circulate throughout Black-owned businesses and banks in our community. Whether you are a BDN member in the Black community practicing Comprehensive Economics, or you are a BDN member from other communities practicing Corrective Economics, all BDN members are welcomed!

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A Revolutionary Exclusive Network

BDN is revolutionizing the way the community does business through our system combining state of the art technology, network of Black-owned businesses, and diverse consumers.


Provide Black-owned businesses deep analytics

Businesses can gain in-depth analytics on consumer traffic, demographics, and other useful information to make informed business decisions.

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MyImpact Rewards

Consumers can earn MyImpact rewards each time they patronize a business within the Black Dollar Network.

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Track MyImpact

Consumers can track the impact they're making within the Black community.

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